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The Digital Strategy Matrix

A framework for approaching digital initiatives. Strategy is not a linear process, this guide will help form a structured environment to start digital engagements.

Strategy Roadmap

Roadmapping project and product engagements should be dynamic and responsive. This strategy roadmap aims to connect the vision and objectives of an initiative with strategic actions or steps.

Strategic Account Plan

This high-level guide will outline working with clients in a strategic account management capacity. As account managers, there are many different roles you can play so it’s imperative to get a clear picture of the client’s business and industry. Get views of the client’s landscape with different assessments. Understand account health with status checks. Propel the account forward by mitigating risk and mining for opportunities. 

Project Scope Development Template

A blueprint for uncovering the scope of a web project. This will help a strategist ask the right questions during discovery calls. 

Guide for Custom Web Proposals

A formula for creating custom web proposals. This guide can help structure the flow of web proposals to give the reader a good experience.  Equipped with examples of cover pages, intros, scopes of work, ideas, attachments, and more — any proposal writer can create good proposals quicker.

The Goals Pyramid

The Goals Pyramid creates a structure for marketing a company’s value to its users by delivering 1 output which yields 2 outcomes promoted on 3 outlets.

Creating Proto-Personas

Creating personas can be a fun exercise and very beneficial for any company. Creating proto-personas might be the way to go if a company lacks time or budget. Oftentimes, these personas are created using intuition, makeshift proof, and whatever information is available. Included are two resources: Buyer Persona Template and Empathy Map.

Performing a UX Audit

Performing UX audits for clients and prospects is a crucial skillset for a digital strategist, especially if there isn’t analytics data to go off of. This guide lists out several ways to perform UX audits without having quantitative data.

Client Acclimation Framework

Strategists need to be able to ramp up on client accounts quickly. This means learning about their business, industry, markets, and users in a short period of time. The Client Acclimation Framework works off of the 4 C’s: Construction, Cognition, Community, Collaboration. This framework includes two resources: Client Acclimation Process Infographic and the Client Collaboration Questionnaire, as well as a three podcast episode series dedicated to ramping up on client accounts.

Driving Design Direction

When working with client stakeholders on design projects, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page. Strategists need to have exercises they can leverage to drive design direction.

Ecommerce Strategy: Best Practices & Basic Concepts

In order to understand ecommerce strategy, we need to first know the fundamentals and what makes for a good ecommerce website. This resource covers the best practices and basic concepts of ecommerce user experience.