Ramping up on Client Accounts – Part Three

This episode concludes the Client Acclimation framework and the Ramping up on Client Accounts series with Part 3. We will cover the Community and Collaboration phases that make up Day 2 of the process. For instance, we’ll dive into online communities, discussion boards, and social media. In order to find more relevant insight for our clients. There is an infographic overview of the Client Acclimation framework and an example Client Collaboration Questionnaire at https://unstrategic.com/client-acclimation/ – feel free to download, copy, and use these resources to help with ramping up on your own client accounts.

Ramping up on Client Accounts – Part Two

Having access to lots of information is great. But how do we harvest good insights from all that information? Then how do we organize it to make it useful? Today, we’re continuing our series on Ramping up on Client Accounts. We’ll share a process for extracting pertinent data from all the info out there. We will cover what questions you’ll want to ask while consuming information. And finally, we’ll talk about high-level actions for getting through dozens of items of materials (articles, publications, etc.) in a single day. This is the Cognition phase of the Client Acclimation framework.

Ramping up on Client Accounts – Part One

Do you have a process for ramping up on client accounts? Can you learn about a new industry or market in less than a week? I’d like to share a framework that I call Client Acclimation, which consists of Construction, Cognition, Community, and Collaboration. I’ll break down each step for knowledge gain (and insight) into new client accounts including their industries and markets. This will be a few (2-3) part series because there is a lot of information to cover. I also want to share each step in every phase so listeners can replicate the process. Today’s episode will consist of constructing views of the client, industry, and markets.

Exercises to Drive Design Direction

We all know it can be difficult to get a consensus with your client stakeholders on design. Team members can argue over trivial elements like an image or color. Instead of wasting valuable project time and budget in design cycles, workshop with your clients first. We’re going to list out several exercises to perform with clients that will help drive design direction. In addition, there is a downloadable resource available at https://unstrategic.com/design-exercises/

How to Perform a UX Audit without Analytics Data

Performing a UX Audit can be a really fun task. But it can also be daunting if we don’t have any analytics data. So how do we help clients that come to us who need to improve their websites, but there’s no good data to go off of? Don’t fret – there are several methodologies that help with this type of scenario. We will cover them in this podcast episode. There is also a downloadable resource at: https://unstrategic.com/perform-ux-audit/