Creating Custom Web Proposals

Creating good custom web proposals can be time-consuming. In addition, there’s no guarantee you’ll win the business by putting together a bespoke proposal. I’d like to share A Guide for Creating Custom Web Proposals with examples, to help you produce higher quality proposals. I’ve created handcrafted documents much faster using this formula. Above all, my hope is that it will help you produce better creative material to send to your prospects. Therefore, potentially winning better and bigger clients. Download the resource here:

The Solutions Strategist (Strategy Talk with Patrick Richardson)

Today we chat with Patrick Richardson, the U.S. Managing Director of – his background includes advertising, marketing, design, mobile apps, and much more. Topics range from agency life to team-building, the inner workings of a design sprint, to providing strategic insights for clients. If you’d like to learn more about Patrick or get in touch for a project, feel free to reach out to him here:

Strategic Roadmapping – Part Two

Here is the continuation of Strategic Roadmapping. Today, we’ll be covering the last two phases of a roadmapping engagement. Feel free to follow along with the Trello Board ( Last week, we covered Phase 1: Project Opening and Phase 2: Define Current State. This week, we’ll detail Phase 3: Identify Ideal State and Phase 4: Roadmap. Thanks for joining!

Strategic Roadmapping – Part One

Roadmaps should be considered a dynamic and responsive plan that aims to connect the vision and objectives of a project with strategic actions or steps. They can be very useful when starting off on a web initiative.

For this podcast episode, I have created this Trello Board ( to visually display and help with the phases of roadmapping a web engagement (i.e. website, web project, digital product). Today, we’ll cover the first two phases (out of four) of strategic roadmapping.