Strategic Roadmapping – Part Two

Here is the continuation of Strategic Roadmapping. Today, we’ll be covering the last two phases of a roadmapping engagement. Feel free to follow along with the Trello Board ( Last week, we covered Phase 1: Project Opening and Phase 2: Define Current State. This week, we’ll detail Phase 3: Identify Ideal State and Phase 4: Roadmap. Thanks for joining!

Strategic Roadmapping – Part One

Roadmaps should be considered a dynamic and responsive plan that aims to connect the vision and objectives of a project with strategic actions or steps. They can be very useful when starting off on a web initiative.

For this podcast episode, I have created this Trello Board ( to visually display and help with the phases of roadmapping a web engagement (i.e. website, web project, digital product). Today, we’ll cover the first two phases (out of four) of strategic roadmapping.

Project Scope Development

I’m excited to talk about Project Scope Development today – it’s a process to determine and document a list of specific goals, deliverables, tasks, price estimates and timeline estimates for a web project. Every project will be different, but this guide should act as a blueprint for determining scope to get your project off to the right start.

Find the downloadable resource here:

The Digital Strategy Matrix

In this episode, we talk about the Digital Strategy Matrix, which we’ve designed to help structure digital strategy. If we understand all the elements and variables of strategy, and the tactics which can get us closer to our results. Then we can make better informed decisions, which will materialize into good recommendations for our clients.

Strategy is always changing dependent on goals, new stakeholders, market forces, and other miscellaneous items. As web strategists, we need to be able to understand the environment in which strategy develops based on a surrounding structure, not a linear process.

Find the downloadable resource here:

unSTRATEGIC – Upcoming – Teaser

Hey guys, we are back with more episodes of unSTRATEGIC – The Podcast about Digital Strategy.

We are going to look at holistic strategy and start tying things together while diving deeper on the tactics digital strategists use to effectively show results.

I’m your host, Adam James Lamagna, join us January 23rd, 2019 for the new episodes of unSTRATEGIC.

The Flexible Strategist (Strategy Talk with Matt O’Bryant)

Meet Matt O’Bryant, he’s the Director of Strategy at a  Providence-based web agency called Oomph, Inc. He helps to lead an agency, provide strategic direction for clients, and offers a number of insights into today’s digital sphere. Matt has had many roles in the tech space from web admin to project management to digital strategy. Our chat covers analytics, personas, business, and lots of cool tools to help with strategy. Let’s welcome Matt O’Bryant.