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Thoughts on Strategy

Strategy is not a linear process. It deviates, it interrupts, it changes with new information, fluctuating data, and further research. As strategists, it’s our job to observe, explore, probe, inquire, study, and detect. Then we need to harvest intelligent insights and put together solid recommendations.

Strategy and being strategic are two different things. Strategy is a noun; it’s a surrounding environment that brings structure and helps shape web projects and products. Being strategic is a verb; the strategist is able to pivot thoughtfully when shifting needs arise, goals expect to be met, and action plans require creation.


Hey guys! I’m Adam James Lamagna, the host of unSTRATEGIC. I frequent a lot of tech conferences and randomly ask people to share strategy resources. However, I found that I got a lot of pushback because “strategy” is what makes companies the “big bucks.”

Well…I’d like to democratize digital strategy and make it accessible to everyone. Just as accessible as all the design and development resources out there. I produce these podcast episodes every other week to reveal methodologies, tactics, and exercises I use to strategically approach the digital problems I need to solve. I also create and publish many free resources to help the digital strategists of the world. Check out our blog, there are plenty of downloadable PDF templates available. Here are a few of our most popular ones:

Strategic Account Plan Template

The Digital Strategy Matrix

Strategic Roadmapping – Trello Board


Design Exercises

Getting all your client stakeholders on the same page can be a difficult thing to do. I’m sure we’ve all had those clients that go back and forth in design cycles eating up precious time in a web project. Here are 6 different exercises you can perform with your clients to help get stakeholders on …


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