Hey guys! I’m Adam James Lamagna, the host of unSTRATEGIC. I frequent a lot of tech conferences and randomly ask people to share strategy resources. However, I found that I got a lot of pushback because “strategy” is what makes companies the “big bucks.”

Well…I’d like to democratize digital strategy and make it accessible to everyone. Strategy is not a linear process. It deviates, it interrupts, it changes with new information, fluctuating data, and further research. As strategists, it’s our job to observe, explore, probe, inquire, study, and detect. Then we need to harvest intelligent insights and put together solid recommendations.

Our primary goal with this podcast and website is to give strategists, account & project managers, consultants, or anyone wanting to learn more about digital strategy the tools they need to encourage strategic actions with their clients. It can be difficult to navigate the tech/web/digital world. Creating and building good strategies starts with understanding the goals of any client, company, or project.

‘Digital strategy encompasses layers of disciplines, processes, and tactics’

Digital Strategy Matrix

Our secondary goal is to help you grow in your respective role, whether that’s business strategy, e-commerce strategy, UX/UI/design, project & account management, or consultant. Feel free to download all of our resources and cater them to fit your needs.