Ecommerce: Best Practices & Basic Concepts

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and/or services online, simply put it’s electronic commerce. The strategy surrounding ecommerce is quite a big (and broad) topic. In order to understand ecommerce strategy, we need to first know the fundamentals and what makes for a good ecommerce website. This resource will cover the best practices and basic concepts of ecommerce user experience. We’ll dive deeper into conversion funnels and their purpose, as well as what features should be on key ecommerce pages. Once we comprehend the basics, we can move into more advanced concepts.

Listen to the podcast episode here: Ecommerce Strategy: Best Practices & Basic Concepts and download the attachment below.

How to Perform a UX Audit without Analytics Data

unSTRATEGIC: Digital Strategy
How to Perform a UX Audit without Analytics Data

Performing a UX Audit can be a really fun task. But it can also be daunting if we don’t have any analytics data. So how do we help clients that come to us who need to improve their websites, but there’s no good data to go off of? Don’t fret – there are several methodologies that help with this type of scenario. We will cover them in this podcast episode. There is also a downloadable resource at: